Monday, December 28, 2015


The great loves of my life are women.. They are the most magnetic women I know. They are the voices on the other end of my phone beckoning me to wake-up and the constant injections of excitement that I often need.

I often exemplify my role models as female political powerhouses to maintain a certain obnoxious level of pretence. However, who I truly look up to are these women who seem to have accidentally in some way raised me. When people ask me to describe myself, I almost always end up boasting of my friends. Their personalities are as diverse as their hair colours. Some are bubbling and boy crazy, others dark and twisting with mischief. They are doctors, teachers, lawyers  and engineers; and they once were travellers, dancing queens and bar stars.  There are many trophies on my shelf, but my greatest achievements are my relationships with them.

I pray my friends’ lives are long and continue to be saturated with happiness. Despite how often I catch myself taking them for granted, they always welcome me back into their arms from my cyclical disappearances. As if we were bonded with blood-relation, they put up with my crap like they have no other choice.

I hope they know I will always adore them, even if I often must adore them from afar.

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