Thursday, October 22, 2015

Election Is Over Time to Run Again

Many of you have asked me what I’ve been up to the past few months. You’ve noticed my running post have decreased in number and you’ve seen more and more pictures of me knocking doors in red

My mom has always loved the Liberal Party and back in 2004 she got me involved with Gerry Byrne, the former MP in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. On that day politics stole my heart, I knew I would never be a girl who didn’t vote. 

This July I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting a zealous person by the name of Matt Grant! Upon our first meeting I was instantly hooked. Matt is dedicated, hardworking and incredibly focused. He has great ambitions and I’m forever thankful I was able to have a small part of them. 

I started knocking on doors with Matt before the writ dropped, we all knew it was coming it was only a matter of when. He instantly made me feel like a welcomed member of the team. Majority of my life I struggled to fit in with groups of people, I often felt ostracized because of my ethnic background but I never once felt nothing less than a team member around the Matt Grant team.

As a team we worked hard everyday and on the days I felt tired, cranky or like I no longer wanted to be out knocking doors Matt’s infectious energy gripped me and made me push harder for a better Canada. I am forever grateful that Canada has people who desire to make a difference.

Matt has changed the lives of so many people, he’ll continue to do so. I am so sad this crazy ride is over but in a few years when Matt decides to do this again again you can bet I’ll be there by his side, knocking doors with a smile on my face. Until that time comes there will be a lot of running post from me again. 

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