Monday, October 29, 2012

Watch out Canada, Nike Fuelbands are Coming This Week.

Canada are time has finally come, we are about to receive the Nike+Fuelbands!! I am beyond ecstatic for this!! I have had my fuel band since about May and I love it!! I am so happy I got it when I did and now everyone in Canada has the opportunity to get one also.

You might be asking yourself what exactly is a Nike Fuelband, while it looks like a bracelet or a cool watch and you wear it on your wrist and it measures your activity level. It is a great way to stay active and compete with your friends who also have fuelbands and who are your facebook friends, I am hoping that we can soon compete with our twitter friends also.

I also love competing against myself and trying to break my last week record. It has a section that lets you know your longest streak, I am on a 110 day streak right now so it keeps me moving even on my rest days so I don't ruin my streak.

While I was in San Francisco I had he opportunity to see the new Fuelbands that are going to come out, the White Ice and the Black Ice. I instantly fell in love with the White Ice when I saw it. It is like they made it for women. It is a beautiful white color, is really bright and has the prettiest clasp ever. I would recommend this one to any women who wants one. I also had the amazing opportunity to receive the first consumer Nike Fuelband White Ice. I have been wearing it ever since the marathon. I have had so many compliments on it and I have had many people ask when it comes out.

Well Canada on Wednesday October 31st, 2012 you can purchase your own Nike Fuelband at any Apple Store in Canada. Get out there get your fuelband and get moving. I can’t wait to start racking up the Nike Fuel with you, be sure to let me know when you get yours.

Maybe the Nike Fuel Team will do a little friendly competition, who can earn more fuel Team Canada or Team USA.

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