Monday, March 18, 2013

Serena Williams Core Power - 30 Day NTC Challenge

As you probably already know by now Nike Women have released an updated to their Nike Training Club app with a few new bonus content workouts. The feature this month is beautiful and amazing Serena Williams. All this workout requires is a stability ball and resistance bands and no you don’t have to do so many minutes to unlock the workout.

As a runner I try to work on my core as much as possible – however, sometimes I get lazy and I figure what I do is enough. My core strength is what helps me maintain my pace through those long miles. As a runner when I saw this workout open up I got beyond excited to see it was a core focused workout and it only takes 15 minutes.

I always love a good challenge and I always love to challenge myself. In the Month of April I have a challenge for you!!

April is 30 days of Serena Williams Core Power workout.

Here are the rules: You do Serena Williams Core Power workout once a day for 30 days and hashtag your workout with #CorePower. This will encourage those who are also involved in the challenge. 

Not only will this help improve your core strength but you will gain yourself some mad NTC minutes. 450 minutes to be exact, on top of what you already do on your own.

Who is in this challenge with me!? Tweet me at @TiaraBeth or comment below.

I want to make sure I hold all of you accountable. Also you can hold me accountable. With my first marathon 68 days away I need more core power.

Ready, set, let’s go! 

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