Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 23 - 30 Day Run Challenge

The only day in the challenge where I’m going to ask you to run: go run a mile as fast as you can and tell us about it!

didn't run my fastest mile today I actually ran it Monday. I was doing tempo runs for my marathon training.

I am training to get into Boston and tempo runs are a huge part of my training. I am trying to run my shorter runs faster than race pace so that when it comes to race day my body knows how to it feels to run faster than race pace.
I have been running with a lady, she is training for her 4th marathon, for my long runs. She is a great training partner and keeps me motivated to keep going but I am a lot faster than her so I really need to slow up my pace for her to keep up. We have been running before the sun comes up and I don't want to leave her behind. I don’t mind this but I always take the last 2-3 miles for me and I just run them at my pace. On Saturday I felt like a caged horse being let out into field I just started running like crazy it felt really good to get my pace up.

I really do enjoy running fast it is exhilarating and it makes me have so much confidence and I feel like I can tackle the world when I get over that 6 minutes per mile mark.
Below is a picture of my fastest mile from Monday.

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