Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 24 - 30 Day Run Challenge: While running do you use any watches or apps? What technology do you utilize?

While running do you use any watches or apps? What technology do you utilize?
When I run I love using the Nike Running app available on the iPhone and Android or the Nike+ running watch.
I prefer the Nike Running app for shorter runs and when I am not going to be near a computer for an extended period of time. The app automatically updates my runs to Nike+ and twitter right away, allowing my followers to see my runs and see how I did that day. You can also connect your Nike Running app to Path and Facebook and get cheers from your friends as you run, I love this feature you get these cheering clapping sounds as you are running and it really warms my heart knowing my friends are cheering me on from afar.
I am super competitive and this app comes with a feature where you can see your standing with your Nike+ friends. You can see this in a monthly view or a weekly view, this really helps me know when I need to push harder or if I can take a bit of a lighter day. I am really competitive and this fuels me. It also gives you a listing of your runs by month and by year so you can see how you are stacking up against yourself allowing you to have a better month, week, year.
I love the Nike+ watch simply for the convenience. I tend to chafe when I wear an arm band for an extended period of time so the Nike+ watch allows me to track my run without the chafing. The only downfall to the Nike+ watch is you cannot upload your run until you are back at a computer, but that is the only downfall, so I say it is pretty good investment. The Nike+ watch is handy because all the information from your run comes up on your watch so you can see your pace, distance ran and calories burned right on the screen. However, I am a little clumsy and once ran right into a tree while trying to look at my screen haha.

Another favorite feature of the Nike+ watch is the lap function. I love this for track workouts and hill runs. It allows me to see my time on each of my laps and I can push myself harder on the next training run knowing how I did on the last one.
I generally go back and forth between using the two. Now that my runs are getting longer I will be using the watch more frequently since my phone tends to die around the 15 mile mark and if you don’t track it did the run really happen? LOL.
Whatever you decide to use make sure you sign up on Nikeplus so you can compete with your friends in the Nikeplus community. I am always looking for more competition. 


  1. I've got a Garmin that I run with but I was curious what arm band are you using as I am hunting for a good one.

  2. RunGoddess Temporary Tattoos if you go back to my previous blog you will see that I use a Belkin and I love it. I think any arm band is great you just need to find one that fits your arm and works for you.