Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 25 - Headphones in or out? If in, what music gets you the most pumped up for running

Headphones in or out? If in, what music gets you the most pumped up for running?

I only like to listen to music when I am doing a shorter runs, track workouts, or hill runs if I am doing a long run I prefer not to listen to music.

I need music on shorter runs because usually I am running those at a tempo or faster than race pace and need something to pump me up and keep me going. It is the same thing for hills and track workouts. I need to be listening to music to keep my pace up and get me through those faster runs.

When I do run with music I prefer to have both headphones in unless I am running with 
someone else. For some reason when I run with only one headphone I can get a little off balance, it is kind of funny but it happens and I don't know why. 

When I long run I like to listen to my body. I find that listening to my body helps me push through those moments where I feel weak and like quitting. Music can be a bit distracting and sometimes you need to listen to your body and listen to the way your feet are hitting the pavement. I have learned that if you are slamming your feet on the pavement than you are running to fast and or fatiguing and need to get your energy up with shotblocks and you need H20 stat. A fatiguing body is not going to make it through a race or get the time you want.

As for the type of music I listen to. I love everything from David Guetta to Rhianna while I run. I like something up beat to keep me moving faster. 

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