Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Non-scale Victory - Mountain Climbers

I get easily discouraged when I don't see the scale moving in a downward direction, it actually can make me very sad. However, I have to remind myself of the non-scale victories that our out there. 

When I first started doing Nike Kinect it called for 20 seconds of Mountain Climbers and I dreaded these, BIG time! I actually hated them. They hurt my shoulders and my arms and abs. I said it is 20 seconds anyone can do anything for 20 seconds. Than they were pushed to 30 seconds and I would get down on the floor and do them for 15 seconds get on my knees for 5 seconds and do another 10 seconds of them and this would be painful. 

Now I am up to 60 seconds of mountain climbers and don't get me wrong they are still a struggle at 60 seconds but Monday in my get strong workout of Nike Kinect training I had to do 30 seconds of them and I was so happy with myself because I held perfect form and did them for the complete 30 seconds! 

We all have non scale victories and sometimes we need to remember these more than the scale victories because they are what truly count in the end.

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