Tuesday, November 27, 2012

December Accountability

I need to hold my self accountable in the month of December. With lots of holiday parties and yummy food around I need to make sure that I am staying on my target for food and exercise. 
I have come up with a system for myself. It is a calendar of December with the following guidelines. 
  • Workout and Eat Clean
  • Workout but don’t Eat Clean
  • No Workout and No Clean Eating
  • Clean Eating No Workout 

This will help me hold myself accountable. Each day I will fill it in and at the end of every week I will post it. Mainly because I can get a picture of if I need to workout more or if I can allow myself a little snack here and there for the holidays. 
I want to continue with my no sugar, however once the holidays roll in I always find it a little hard. If I know I have something to be accountable too I will do much better.

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