Monday, November 5, 2012

November Challenge Start

My November challenge began on Thursday and the first week, I must say went pretty well.

Thursday morning I accidently slept in and only had a chance to do Better Butt at lunch, but I also did a 4.35 miles run with an average pace of 7’07”/mile, I am managing to keep me speed up and that is important to me, after my run I did the sculpted arms workout on NTC. When I got home I did my Nike+ Kinect, however, to my sadness I wasn’t using Xbox live and therefore needed to re-do my assessment. I managed to do better this time so I was happy about that.

Friday morning Meho and I rolled out of bed at 4:15am and went to Goodlife and I started my day off with NTC, Endurance Master and Slim Effect. I find when I do a workout in the morning I make better food choices throughout the day. I tend to reach for fruit and veggies rather than salty or sweet snacks, so this also motivates me to get up when my first alarm goes off. At lunch I did a 4.78mile run with an average pace of 7’25”/mile and finished my workout off with Sculpted Arms and Leaner Legs also from NTC. When I got home that night, I did a Nike Kinect cardio workout with Marie. She is killing me and I love it!! Seriously, this game is the best investment I have ever made. Marie pushes you and forces you to want to work harder.

Saturday I had a really hard time getting out of bed, but I was involved in the Twitter Road Race and knew I had to get lace up my running shoes sooner or later or I would spend my day in my cozy bed. I looked at my twitter Nike Running had tweeted me and sent me a picture with a person running in Calgary in the cold, so I knew even though it was cold I couldn’t let it beat me. This pushed me to get out of the door. I started my day off at the gym doing NTC, Worth the Weight and Fighter Fit than I hit the pavement. I ran 6.22 miles in 6’47”.mile finishing my 10km in my best time yet of 42:09. I was so happy about my pace I wanted to cry. Maries training plan for my marathon has really helped me push myself to limits I never knew I had in me. I got home from my run and did my cardio session with Marie. Doing the most burpess I have done yet. If you don’t have this game you need to get it ASAP, believe me you won’t regret getting it, but you will regret not getting it.

To round up week one that was three days I ran 15.3miles with an average pace of 7’04”/mile and did 195 NTC minutes. Leaving me with 84.7 miles left to run in November and 1205 NTC minutes left to get. Totally doable!!

The month is still young so if you would leave to join me in this challenge drop me a tweet or leave me a comment. Hash tags your runs/NTC with #NTC1400Nov and #Run100.

How was your weekend of working out?

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