Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Another Injury Setback

Remember that little injury I blogged about last yesterday?!?! Yeah, it is not the little injury like I thought.

Sunday I went to the gym and did an 8 mile run. Into my run I was starting to feel a pain in my left knee cap, but I thought nothing of it because seriously if I stopped every time I got a little bit of a pain I would always be stopping my workouts. I continued through, but that night I noticed that my knee was still sore and little pains I get from running never really last that long, but my biggest concern came that night when I was having trouble sleeping due to the pain in my knee.
Yesterday I went for a 5 mile run and things felt ok until I stopped running and all of a sudden the pain that was in the top of my knee cap was now on the interior side and bottom, at that point I knew something wasn't right.

I made an appointment with my physio. While sitting on his table I couldn’t get my to lay flat and my the top of my patella was popped up and over on the side of my knee. He iced it with some machine that made my knee vibrate and then he tapped my knee cap into place. It looks like I am back at the physio’s office.

I went home and cried for about 20 minutes after because he told me no running, jumping, lunging, or squatting for at least a week. That is what I do. I lunge, jump, run, squat in all my workouts. I took a moment to be sad and then wiped my tears and thought to myself you can modify your workouts. Instead of running you can elliptical, I would have biked but I am not allowed the motion of it can pop my knee cap. This morning I did NTC and instead of lunging I planked, and if I was supposed to do sumo squats with lateral rise I just did the rise but increased my weight.

Just because I have an injury it doesn’t mean I am going to give up! It just means I am going to have to push harder in different areas.

I know right now I have to keep my eating tight. I can’t slip at this point as I cannot workout as hard as I was. I am also trying to lower my calories right now. I currently eat 1,700 – 2,000 calories on average. I need to take that down to about 1,400 calories. It is really hard because my body doesn’t want to do that, it is used to eating a certain way, but until I am back in the running game I need to watch my food intake.

Better believe I am going to come back stronger than I was before. I always do.

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