Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Week 2 of My November Challenge

Last week was week 2 of my November 1400 NTC minute challenge and my 100 miles of Nike Running.

Two weeks into my challenge and I am 510 NTC minutes into my challenge. This makes me happy as usually I am only like 300 minutes into a challenge at this point. NTC is going really great and I have found my love for it once again. I find if a do something too much I get tired of it, but while I was training for my marathon I did very little NTC so now I love it all over again. This makes me happy. Nike Women has created a few more workouts. I am loving the new Alex Morgan workout, it really works me. Also the one that comes in the reward section of 5,500 NTC minutes, if you try it out let me know what you think of it, I love it.

The running side of things isn’t going as well as planned. I am only 32.45 miles into my 100 mile challenge and was really hoping to be at or over the 40 mile mark by this point. However, I still have tons of month left to get myself back on track. It shouldn’t be a problem to make my goal. The only thing holding me back is it has been so dang cold!! Like seriously all weekend was -20 and a wind chill, like what the heck is up with that, it isn’t even December yet.

If you have yet to go out and purchase your Nike Kinect game you are missing out big time. It is seriously awesome. I am heading into week 3 of using the game and I am down 6 pounds and 1 ½ inches in my waist section. This program incorporates cardio with strength skills. It is much like NTC but will give you feedback as you are doing it. So if your body is not in proper form while doing the plank it will tell you this. I really like this feature because it is helping me correct my form and in turn is helping me correct my form in everything I do.

How is your November month coming along?

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