Monday, November 19, 2012

November Challenge is not going the way I would have hoped.

 My challenge isn’t going the way I wanted it to be going. I was hoping I would have racked up way more mileage buy this point and be over 1,000 NTC minutes right now, but sadly I am not.

Right now I am sitting at 870 Nike Training Club minutes. I mean that isn’t horrible and I will still hit my goal if I can do 49 minutes a day but I really wanted to be closing in on 1,000 minutes at this point. I have been putting a lot of focus on the Nike Kinect Training.

Nike Kinect is amazing. I only ever came this close to pushing myself this hard when I swam. The Nike Kinect platform is a platform like no other. You are constantly pushing yourself to be your best. I am in the last week of my Get Lean training plan and I have lost 6.6 pounds and a total of 3 inches off my waist. My torso is my trouble area and weight doesn’t come off easy there. This is making me really happy. I think I might do another 4 weeks of the Get Lean and then try out the Get Toned section of the program. Are you using the Nike Kinect? How do you like it?

Changes that are happening from month to month.
My running is slacking in a big way!!! I am only at 49.4miles. I have been working on my speed rather than my distance as of late. I have been doing a lot of HIIT Training and I have been pushing my pace. Right now I have an average pace of 7’11”/mile as opposed to last month when I had an average pace of 8’04”/mile. If I can keep pushing my pace and doing HIIT I will be happy. I am not in training mode for a marathon or anything right now and I am happy to be working on my speed. I am constantly running intervals whether I am on a treadmill or I am running in the trails. I will start at an comfortably hard pace and at the beginning of a new song I will look for a marker and I will sprint full out until I hit that marker and I will go back to my comfortably hard pace again. If I am on the treadmill I will put the treadmill to an incline of 2 and a pace of 7.5mp, I will run at that pace for 1 minute and a half and then I will put the treadmill up to 10mph for a minute. This gives me a good burn and really goods the blood pumping. I am enjoying doing this and it really helps me get my speed up. What do you do to change up your running?

Remember how people say squats gives you a nice bum, well I am starting to lose my bum. Maybe I am squatting wrong. I sure hope so because I really liked my bum in October, my November bum is getting too small.

Happy Training!!

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