Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Rant About American Politics

Yesterday was voting day for America. I am a duel citizen and love America so I was playing very close attention to the polls and what was going on.

I jumped for joy when I heard that Barack Obama beat out Mitt Romney!!

I am a huge Obama supporter and I LOVE him. I think he is wonderful and Michele and Barack have raised two beautiful girls. When I think how I would want to model a family after I think of them. Michele is huge into health and fitness and I believe this rubs off on her girls and Barack is an adoring father.

Aside from his amazing family I believe the social issues he is bringing to play are important and crucial. I believe that two people should be allowed to get married regardless if they are man and women, women and women or man and man. If you love someone and you want to legally marry them I believe you should be able to do so. I don't think it is fair that only man and women can get married, marriage is for people regardless of their sexual preference. There are people in the world who get married for 72 days and get divorced and there are people who wan to marry their same sex partner, have a family and are happy together; so please tell me who is in violation of the sanctity of marriage if that is what you are worried about. For those people out there who believe that this is an abomination, please, I think marrying and divorcing in 72 days is an abomination.

Also Barack believes in the women in the work force, dear Mitt Romney, you lost the majority of  the women vote because women now are in the work force. I know you probably raised your daughters to grow up find a husband who can support them, have them stay home and cook, clean and raise the family but news flash we no longer live in the 1950's. This is 2012 and women are CEO's and Presidents of companies. We no longer live in the shadow of our husbands. We no longer want sexual relations for procreation, we want to have sex and not have a child. So talking about getting rid of birth control is not away to gain the vote. Respect the women in the work force and not just the mother because women does not equal mother. I am a women, but I am not a mother. I have a full time job, I pay taxes, I volunteer. When you spoke at the your rally you only used the word mother. I commend you Mr. Obama for the respect you have for the working women, a mother or not. 

I have respect for Barack and his party for making birth control readily available. It is called Planned Parenthood because parenthood should be planned and this planning should be available for all women, not just the wealthy women. As far as certain Congressman's view on rape, it is just so outdated and preposterous. I read a quote from one State Congressman that said "As long as it is happening you should just lay back and enjoy it" well I hope someone walks up and slaps you across the face because that is downright rude to every women out there including your wife and daughter because I am sure if that happened to one of them your tone would change pretty quickly. Rape is a violation of a human, a living human. If a pregnancy resulted from that rape that women has every right to do what she views is right and no person in this world should be able to tell her that is right or wrong. No President, Prime Minster, King should have any say on a women's body whatsoever. 

Today I woke up scared about the fate of the country, but I woke up to find out that Mr. Barack Obama had won the American election. I can rest easy for the next four years knowing our country is in good hands.

I saw a lot of twitter statuses yesterday that stated "Whatever happens I know, it is God's will" than this morning those same people were saying "God Save Us" If you truly believed it is God's will that Mr. Obama made it into office why would he save you? As for myself I am happy America chose Mr. Obama for a fourth term because remember it took more than 4 years to mess up the state of America it is going to take more than 4 years to put it back together. Obama came into a mess created by Bush, not created by Obama.

My political rant is over, I will go back to blogging about running and fitness.

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