Tuesday, July 31, 2012

4th Week - The Air Got a Little Tight

Today is the last day of July and Saturday marked week 4th week of 15 weeks of training. It is amazing at how fast time is ticking down. I feel like October is going to be here before I know it.It's an exciting and scary thought. 

This last week I really felt my mileage increase. 

Monday started off with a 6 mile run, the most I have done on a weekday yet. It felt good. I completed it in 51 minute with a pace of 8'28"/mile. It wasn't my best run but considering the wind was really high that day I was pleased with my pace running into the wind. It's like resistance training and endurance training rolled into one ball. 

Tuesday involved TRX and Nike Training Club. My Nike Training Club was the Endurance Master. I love doing Nike Training Club in my office gym because the guys always tell me how hardcore I am. It boost my ego.

Wednesday brought me another tempo run. The whole week I was terrified for the tempo runs. I ended up making really good times with them. My first mile was 7'56"/mile my second was 7'47"/mile the third was 7'42"/mile and my last mile was 7'08"/mile. My goal was to get them under 7'00" but I was really happy with them since my last tempo run wasn't this good. I really felt my legs coming back and my body working as one consecutive unit rather than all trying to do their own thing. Hopefully my speed will keep getting faster for me.

Thursday was another TRX day and for some reason my TRX instructors love to work my legs. Like they are not working hard enough these days. I always enjoy a good hard core TRX workout they always make me sweat and realize how much I can really push my body. I also did a Nike Training Club workout, it was the Fast and Fierce workout. This is one of my favorite workouts it has so much jumping and abs incorporated into it. When I saw it on my list of workouts I was super excited to do it. What is your favorite Nike Training Club workout? After work Mike and I went to Bikram yoga and stretched it out really good. We decided on going to Bikram on Thursday because we were going to be out of town all weekend.

Friday was supposed to be a 5 mile run, but I needed to make an executive decision to end early. I was down in Lethbridge and was running through a park. It was about 8:30 at night and there were a lot of homeless people. I was worried about my safety since it was getting late so I cut the run short knowing I had an 11 mile run the next day. 

Saturday was really rough on me. We were down in Lethbridge visiting my boyfriends family. I am used to running at elevation. I set out for a 11 mile run and I was feeling incredibly winded and tired out. I had to contend with a lot of hills on my run. Lethbridge is in the foothills of Southern Alberta so it is very flat and than it can just drop into a coulee and you'll have to run back out of it. I knew I was tired from this but even on the flat I was exhausted. When I returned to the hotel I checked what the elevation is and it is higher than Calgary. I ended up doing 11 miles in about 1:45, not my best but taking the hills and elevation into consideration I think I did well. If going up higher has such negative effects on me I am excited to go to sea level. Saturday also brought me a Nike Fuel challenge. I was aiming to hit 6,800 and ended up hitting 7,780!! I was so excited and thrilled when I hit fire!! I didn't even know fire existed but was ecstatic when I found this out. What is the highest you have achieved with Nike Fuel?

Happy Training.

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