Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Let the Journey Begin

Yesterday, July 2, marked my first official day of training. I had trouble sleeping the night before. I had butterflies in my stomache and was so nervous to run the next day. I kind of laughed at myself because the marathon date isn't even here yet, but maybe I can get all the nervous out before October 14th gets here.

Lucky for me yesterday was a holiday. I slept in until around 8am, got up at was out on the trail for 10am. I had a really good run. I ran 4 miles in 31:54 with an average time of 7'57"/mile. I was disappointed with my mile splits. I'm really aiming for all my miles to be under 8'00"/mile and two of them were above this. I guess I need to push myself a little harder. Overall I had a great run.

After my run I did the Shawn Johnson stretch. I took my shoes off and put my foot on the ground and recognized a pain that I never wanted to feel again. My planter fascitis is coming back again. This is totally my fault because I haven't been stretching out enough and I have not been rolling out my foot. I guess this is my body reminding me that doing these simple acts that take 15 minutes are so important to staying healthy and strong. I spent most of yesterday resting my foot and rolling it out. There was minimal pain this morning, but I brought my lacross ball with me to work to make sure I roll it out after NTC today.

I have made myself a promise that after all my runs I will stretch with Shawn Johnson and a couple nights a week I will do yoga with Leah Kim along with going to a yoga studio. I think this will benefit me and help me be a stronger and better runner. I actually talked with Leah about Bikram and she gave me some really good thoughts on this. I think until I am finished training for my marathon I am going to hold off on Bikram and do another type of yoga.

What type of yoga do you practice?

I am looking forward to my first full week of training.

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