Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nike Training and Nike Women Challenges

Lately Nike Training and Nike Women have been doing weekly challenges and of course I have been participating in all of them, well all of the ones I can. I don't have the Nike+ Training Shoes yet. 
Me doing lunge jumps
Lunge Jump Top Performers
The first one was the Hope Solo lunge jump challenge and I loved it. I love lunges and often lunge around my apartment. 
Yes, I look crazy doing this but only Meho sees me so it's not a big deal. 
Before TRX one morning I had Meho record me doing lunge jumps, you can find the video on twitter follow @TiaraBeth.
I did 39 on my first try and this got me onto the leader board. Elizabeth did 44 so I was 5 behind her but I put in a good effort and she was great competition. I always love me some friendly competition. I was so excited to see my name on the leader board. 

Shawn Johnson Skip Knee Top Performers
Me doing Skip Knee
This week Nike Training put out a new challenge and it was the skip knee challenge with Shawn Johnson. The first time I did it I got 77 and the second time when Meho recorded me I got 84!! They were hard, I am not going to lie at the end of the 30 seconds my heart rate was up and I was feeling the blood pumping. I think I might do this as a quick cardio wake up in the morning. The 84 put me at the top of the leader board. When I saw my name on there I was so excited!! Always a good feeling to be recognized. I did have some good competition. 

Can't wait for the next challenge. Especially to get more pictures of me looking crazy. I am kind of loving the skip knee picture. 

Have you been participating in the challenges? If not get on board follow @NikeTraining and @NikeWomen on twitter and get into the game. 

Happy Training.

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