Thursday, August 9, 2012

Best Nike Fuel Day Yet

Last week on Saturday I hit my best day for Nike Fuel EVER. I had a 9,070 day! Yep that is right I killed it. I was aiming for 10,000 but missed my target by less than 1,000 fuel. I was a little disappointed but I was still impressed with how much fuel I managed to gain.

This was the first time I saw a rainbow come up on my fuel band and I was so excited!!! Beyond excited really. I had pushed really hard on Saturday to reach my goal and was proud of my accomplishment.

This Sunday brings a new distance, a 15 mile distance. I have never run 15 miles before outside, to be honest with you I am terrified. I am scared to run out of water, scared my legs won’t make it. I keep reminding myself that I have an amazing trainer, who developed a wonderful training plan for me and it eases my worries. I need to have faith in my training plan because Marie knows what she is doing.

Nike is doing a Find Greatness day on Sunday. They are aiming to reach the highest fuel day ever yet. I have switched my long run from Saturday to Sunday so I can partake in Find Greatness. I am aiming to get over the 10,000 fuel goal, but have my sites set of 15,000 fuel for the day. I hope you are also going to participate and Find Greatness.

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