Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Insecurities...Toss them out

Society teaches us that insecurities make us human, that we all need to have insecurities.

Have you ever watched Mean Girls? Remember the part where they are standing in Regina’s bedroom. Gretchen, Karen and Regina are all comment on their body parts; their calves are too big, their hairline is weird, the nail beds suck and Caty is sitting there looking all confused as to what they are doing. The girls look at her like what is your problem you have insecurities too and the only thing she can think of is that she has bad breath in the morning. I believe that is a direct reflection on today’s society.

We as women are required to have insecurities. The other day some girl at work told me I have “toothpick legs” seriously, toothpick legs. I run all the time my legs have muscles they are not toothpicks. I think women want to bring other women down. It makes them feel better. I say rise above this.

What if we tossed our insecurities out the door and made them strengthens instead. I am insecure about my abdomen region but I am working on this. Not for other people but for myself. So I can feel even better about whom I am.

Each of us deserves to be proud of who we are. Take pride in your appearance, in your training, in yourself. Yes others want to ruin this pride but don’t let them because as humans we are always going to have haters but ignore them because they are not worth your time.

Also remember that the line between being proud and being cocky is a thin one. Be proud and humble not cocky.

Pay it forward, give someone a compliment today. I have a tendency to let my insecurities shine through but instead of feeling insecure I am trying to give someone else a compliment, a real genuine compliment.

Remember we all work hard, we all train hard be proud of  that.

I think if I toss my insecurities out the door on race day I am going to feel that much better about myself, I am going to take pride in my training and rock my marathon. Not because I am the best out there but because I am giving my best.

Happy Training. 

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