Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Traveling to a Race - My 7 steps

The Nike Women's Marathon will not be my first out of State/Province/Country meet. When I swam in high school we had plenty of them.

There is 54 days until I cross the finish like at the marathon.

Here are 7 traveling tips I learned that I would like to share with you.

1. Don't Try Anything New

  • The week of the race don't go to a new yoga class, a new pair of running shoes or even new running shorts. Use your old trusted stuff. You know how clothes feel on your body, you know the running shoes you have wore for the past few weeks fit your feet well and you can run in them. Also DO NOT eat any new food. You don't want to have an allergic reaction or find out it doesn't sit well with your body. As for new yoga classes stick with the tried and tested.This is no the time to try the new Bikram class you have been wanting to try and figure out it dehydrates you more than expected.
2. Sight see After Your Race
  • You don't want to spend the day before the race walking around the new city. You are going to need your legs and feet to be well rested for you to cross that finish line. If you really want to see a new city do it afterwards. It is your best bet. At least than you can try that new fish you were dying to try before the race.
3. Bring Your Own Gels, Snacks and Breakfast
  • One year I decided that I would get breakfast at the hotel before the meet. I actually missed making the finals because I had such an upset stomach from eating breakfast at the hotel. Not that the hotel had bad food or prepared it improperly but my body just wasn't used to it and with nerves already in overdrive it didn't sit well. I always bring my own breakfast because I know my body likes it and that is what it ate during training. Don't rely on the expo having your energy chews or gels. They might not. If you have spent 15 weeks training with something specific it's better to stick with that brand and save  the trail time for training. I always bring my own gels or chews. 
4. Pack
  • Sounds obvious but one time I forgot to bring a bathing suit to a swim meet. I had to run out and get a new one. That wasn't fun. I always lay all my stuff out two days before I fly just to make sure I have what I need. Also check the weather report. Bring that rain coat even if it calls for sunny days. You can never truly predict the weather, the weatherman has trouble doing that. Always be prepared. 
5. Pack Your Carry On
  • Airports love losing my luggage. I think they look at it and automaticly know it is mine. I was coming home from Halifax once and my luggage was in LA, how I don't know. I always pack my running shoes, shorts, capris, coat, long sleeve top, bra, socks, iPod, armband, headphones - in my carry on because if they lose my luggage I don't need to go out and buy all brand new stuff. Be on the safe side and have that stuff with you. 
6. Sleep Lots the Week Before
  • I struggle sleeping in hotels. I am too hold, I am too cold; the pillow is to lumpy, the sheets are itchy. I sound like a princess but there is something about sleeping out of my own bed that makes me not get a goodnight sleep. I never count on being able to get a good nights rest before hand. I always get plenty of sleep the two weeks leading up to the meet. 
7. Beware of Germs
  • I become a crazy germaphob. I carry around hand sanitizer with me and use it at all times. After someone coughs or after I touch a surface I know millions of other people have touched. This is not the time to come down with the flu or a cough. 
Happy Training. 

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