Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crush Your Walls, Be Great

Lately my runs over 13 miles have been brutal.

It’s a weird experience. I’ll be running along feeling amazing and I look down and see the 13.1 mile mark and BAM all of a sudden I hit a wall at what feels like 100 mph. It knocks me right off my feet and all of a sudden my body feels like lead, I feel hungry and exhausted. What is worst once I hit this wall I slow right down to the speed of a snail.

One of my goals for this week is fueling properly. I have been eating more whole grains than I normally do but keeping up my regular eating. I figure at this point as long as I am eating clean putting a little more fuel than normal shouldn’t hurt.  

I have also made my own protein bars that have quinoa, flax and oats in it. I am taking this on my run along with my Shot Blocks in hopes that this will benefit me.

I am determined to CRUSH my 13.1 mile wall this week on my 22 mile run. I figure it is a wall I have built myself and I should be able to crush it rather than running into it.

I am determined not to be just good but to be great. On my 20 mile run this past Saturday I was cruising along at a pace of 8'21"/mile than slowed right down to around 9'23"/mile. I don't want this to happen to me again.

What helps you crush your walls? 

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