Monday, September 17, 2012

My Totem

I wrote NWM on my wrist, this stands for Nike Women’s Marathon. By now you proably know from reading my blog that I am running the  Nike Women’s Marathon and it is in 27 days. Ahh!!!

To help me gain more control over my eating habits (not to not eat, but to eat more) I have wrote NWM on my wrist. This is to remind me when I reach for a donut, a diet coke, a sugary snack, or when I am thinking I have ate enough for the day but I know that my calories are on the low side to eat a little more of my goals; my goal to qualify for Boston, my goal to get my body into better shape, my goal to have abs.

I have had a few questions today of what is that on your wrist and I am tell them. I get a few weird looks and I also get a few that is a great idea. I am not doing this for other people I am doing this for me so I can have the best race I can race. 

Happy Training.

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