Friday, September 28, 2012

Wow, things got real this week

The fact that I am running the Nike Women’s Marathon became very real to me this week. 

On Tuesday I opened my inbox and what was there an email from a company called Epiphany, they are a social media company that works closely with Nike Women.

They asked me questions about who I am, what I do, my training, and my excitements. It was really cool to sit down and answer these questions because it really made me take a look at my training and see how far I have come.

The same day I received an email about my registration for the Nike Women’s marathon. At that point I was like this is really happening. I am really going to be flying to San Fran to run this and dominate it.

I am so excited for this opportunity. Sometimes it doesn't seem real and other times it’s all I have to stop from jumping up and down in exciting. I know all of my training is going to pay off. I have worked so hard and can’t wait to really show what I am made of. 

I can’t wait to run my very first marathon.

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