Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Gear Arrives

Last week was one of those weeks, you know nothing ever seems to go right, you need to get one thing done but something jumps in your way to prevent that one thing. You have a million things you need to do but you just can’t seem to get anything done. I was hosting a major event for Oil and Gas people in downtown Calgary and my training, eating and sleeping cycle was anything but normal.

Monday was supposed to be a yoga day, but it was also a holiday in Canada and my yoga studio had a weird schedule and I spent majority of the day sleeping, the 22 mile run from Saturday before took a huge toll on my body.

Tuesday I wanted to do a 6 mile tempo run but I ended up doing a 4 mile tempo run due to time restrictions. I was very pleased with this tempo run; I remember the first time I saw tempo run on my schedule I was scared to death. I was like what I have to run that, tempo runs seem a lot more enjoyable now and I enjoy getting in speed runs. I ran this run with a pace of 6’44”/mile. It was fast and felt awesome. I wish I could run all my runs like that for all my runs. Maybe one day lol. 

When I got home Tuesday night there was a box waiting for me. I was so excited. I was like I wonder what it is. I opened it up and there was tons of goodies from the ladies at Nike Women.

·      The first thing I tried on was the Nike LegendTight Fit Pants, I love the feel of these. I haven’t had a chance to train in them yet but they feel amazing, my only problem with them is they are made for someone with longer legs than me. They are still super cute. Cute enough to wear doing errands around town. I think I might wear them on my flight to San Francisco.

·         I literally started jumping around my living room when I saw the Nike Speed Long-Sleeve. I live in Canada. Alberta to be exact and it is already starting to get cold here. The other morning when I went for a run it was around 1 degree Celsius. The afternoons are warm but the mornings when I normally do my runs are starting to get colder. I have been eyeing this top because I knew it would be perfect for my morning runs. The thumb holes are perfect since the arms don’t ride up your body and it keeps the wind out of your shirt. I was in love from the moment I put it on. I advise every runner out there to get this top because if you don’t you’ll be sad you don’t have it.

·         I also received the Nike Relay Women’s RunningTop. This is a dream top, it is comfortable and form fitting. It is girly at the same time, the ruffles add that effect. I have ran in this top a few times and also did Nike Training Club and have loved it.

·         Nike sent me three bras and they are: Nike ProHypercool bra. I used this on my long run and LOVED it. It felt like I wasn’t even wearing a bra, it is super comfortable and looks awesome on too. I got theNike Pro Printed Strip bra too and it’s super cute. I got the Nike ProCompression bra and I love it. Keeps my boobs just where they need to be and the print on it is so cute. Now I have 7 running bras from Nike Women and this will help me reach my goal of being able to run in just a running bra.

·         I also got a new pair of running shoes that were much needed. I received the new Lunarglide 4’s. These shoes are amazing. I ran with them for the first time on Sunday when I did my long run and they were great. I hadn’t worn them before and they were awesome until mile 15 when my feet started to hurt, but that was my fault because I didn’t break them in but 15 miles before pain in new shoes, that is amazing. It has never happened to me before. They are light, not as light as the Montreals so the first few miles were rough while my feet adjusted to a bit of a heavier shoe. I love them they are such an amazing fit. If you are an avid runner these shoes area must get.

·         Training shoes are super important. You shouldn’t be training in a running shoes it is bad practice. I was beyond excited when Nike sent me a pair of the Nike Free Training Shoe Twist. These are superlight weight and are very comfortable. It feels as if I am wearing no shoes. They are really cute I have had tons of compliments on them. If you are looking  for a training shoe I advise you to get these, you won’t regret it.

Wednesday morning Jamie and I decided to go for a run. We did a 5.02 mile run and I ran it in 37:15 with a pace of 7’25”/mile. I was happy with the pace and even happier that I got out there since the morning was cold. Coming into work I kept arguing with myself over running outside or not. Once I got running I felt great and my Nike Speed Long-Sleeve kept me warm the entire run, I was happy to have it.

Thursday was my event so there was no running on this day or even a Nike Training Club. I did however manage to gain over 13,000 Nike Fuel due to running around my event all day. Friday I did Nike Training Club I did the Super Fusion. I was so happy to get a workout in since missing my workout on Thursday, it felt good to get sweaty and get my iron pumping. Saturday morning I slept in my body was so tired from the day before all I wanted to do was sleep. Meho and I had a few appointments to go to. We decided to run on Sunday. Saturday ended up being a much needed rest day. 

Sunday I ended up forgetting to set an alarm, plus the fact that I started new pills under my naturopath’s care and needed to be close to a bathroom I ran my 18 miler on the treadmill. I wouldn’t allow myself to go under 7mph on the treadmill this made for a pace of 8’15”/mile with a total time of 2:28:43. I was glad when it was done because I hate treadmill running I find it so hard because you are looking at the same thing the whole time. On the plus side I did get to watch the US open match, which was intense.

Happy Training. 

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