Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Starting a Taper

This is my very first marathon, but this isn't my first huge sporting event. I have an issue with slowing down. My motto has always been: Go Big or Go Home!! Hence deciding to run a full marathon before even attacking a half marathon.

This last week marked taper week. I have never been good at tapering back. It was never my strong point. That is likely the reason I ended up with an injury at such a young age. 

Now I am watching my mileage drop off I went from 22 miles one week to 18 the next week. It seemed like such a huge drop. I am not even a month off from the Nike Women's Marathon!

I keep telling myself to trust my training plan to trust Marie because she knows best, but it is so hard for me to start slowing down this far from race day. 

I have been reading up about tapering and it is a really important part of your training plan. Just as important as hitting those high miles. This is when your body begins to repair and get strong for the actual race. 

My big fear is that I will go from 9 miles to 26.2 miles and that my body is going to go into shock. It almost seems easier to go from 22 miles to 26.2 miles. I mean it's only another 4.2 miles. Yet I understand how important it is for my body to heal. 

I know after that 22 mile run I was wrecked. My body was sore, my legs were killing me, and even my shoulders hurt. I know realistically running a full marathon after running that 22 miler would have been hard. 

I guess I have worries that I am going to do bad and I don't want to do bad. I don't event want to do average. I want to do GREAT! Not by other people's standers but by mine. 

How have you dealt with a taper in the past? How have you pulled through decreasing your mileage. Did it help your marathon?

Happy Training. 

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