Friday, September 28, 2012

Accomplishments with #NTC

I had a HUGE accomplishment this week. I made it to the 10,000 minute of Nike Training Club

This was a goal of mine to hit it before the end of the summer but then I got named a Nike Women’s Ambassador and running was the most important part of my life at that point.

This week, on Wednesday to be exact it finally happened; I made it to the 10,000 minute mark. This is a huge achievement for the people that use the app because it is 10,000 minutes dedicated to Nike Training Club.

The transformation that has happened with my body has been amazing. Back in January when I was at the 3,000 minute mark my body was ok, but now I am starting to have a body that I am proud of. 

I am proud of it because I did it all by myself. I worked hard to get here with a lot of sweat and waking up early.

Sometimes we have to give up something we like for something we love. 
I had to sacrifice sleeping in here and there to get to this point but I did it and am I happy I did.

I have seen a massive transformation in my torso, but not only that in my upper and lower body strength. Also, how I view myself and how I feel. I think that is the most important aspect of how NTC has changed my life. 

I am super excited to see the changes my body will go through as I aim to hit 20,000 NTC minutes.

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