Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 15 - 30 Day Challenge

16.Do you carry water or powerfood with you while running? If so, how and what kind? 

Yes I always carry water on my runs unless it is a 4mile run outside than for that half hour I can go without water. Anything over a half hour outside I always carry water and anything over an hour outside and I will carry shot blocks.

I carry water in my camelback. I prefer camelbacks to waist bottles due to the fact that I don’t have much hips and they tend to bounce around and I lose the bottles when I try putting them back. With a camelback the straw for my water is right there so I don’t need to slow down to drink water. The only downfall to my camelback is the fact that it chafes me really bad. On the Nike Women’s Marathon course it cut into me so bad I had to stop at an aid station and get them to fix it up and it still scared pretty bad, but I call it my battle wound.

When I finish a run of any length I like to rehydrate with Nuun hydration. It is really important to restore your electrolytes and Nuun comes in many different flavors so there is something for everyone.

When I am running for over an hour outside I bring shot blocks along with me. The reason I prefer shot blocks to other things is because they are small and easy to eat and they fit nicely into my pockets. I tried sharkies before and they didn’t give me enough energy to make it through a long run. I tried goo once and it was really gross. I’ve also tried making my own protein chews but they just melt and get really sticky, for now I will stick to shot blocks. They are easy to take and don’t cause me digestion problems.

What do you take on long runs? This is training time so I can like to experiment with a few different types of energy chews in my first month of training.

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