Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 7 - 30 Day Challenge

7. Who supports you the most with your running goals and why do you pick them?
Who supports me the most with my running goals. Honestly, I can’t just pick just one person. I have such an amazing support system when it comes to my goals.
My boyfriend Mike. When I trained for my first marathon he did every training run with me, he is faster than I am so we would start together and  meet back at the car but my really long miles (18, 20, 22) he ran them with me. He even let me yell at him in the trail at one point screaming at him about how hard this was, than he just hugged me and told me everything was going to be ok and at that point I knew he was exactly what I needed to get through my first marathon training.
Jamie my running buddy here in Calgary is one of my favorite people to run with. We started running together when I first came to Trican in 2011 and together we have improved our pace and endurance together. When I decided to sign up for my first marathon she was there encouraging me the entire way.
My dear friend Autumn who was once my encouragement for shooting the most tequila now encourages me to get my running shoes laced up and my butt out the door. Autumn will forever be my best friend and we have had many adventures together I hope our next adventure will be the Nike Women's Marathon in San Fran this year. There is nobody I would want to run it with more than my Jamaican Bacon. 
Last but certainly not least Karen and Elizabeth, sometimes I don’t think that Nike Women’s Marathon would have been the same without them. I haven’t even known these two ladies a year yet but when I need a pick me up or encouragement or even someone to vent to I know these girls are always there willing to listen. They are my running sisters  for life.
I think it is so important that you surround yourself with positive people, people who are willing to push you towards your goals and who want to see you achieve. A wise man once told me “If you want to soar with the eagles, you have to stop hanging with the turkeys” I think the support system I have surrounded myself with has allowed me to push my running to new limits. 

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