Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 5 - 30 Day Run Challenge

5. What’s your favorite distance to run or race and why?

Before October of 2012 the furthest distance I ran and raced was 10km. I really enjoyed that distance. I could finish it in under and hour and didn't have to exert myself too much.

Now that I have experienced a marathon I believe there is no other distance better than it!!

Elizabeth and I at the finish!!
I remember training for my marathon and doing my 22 miler and standing in the middle of the trail crying on my boyfriends shoulder telling him that I wasn't physically capable of doing a marathon. I was too lazy and to fat. When I crossed the finish line at the Nike Women’s in October there wasn't a prouder moment for me because I proved to myself that I am capable of running a marathon!! I could put in the distance. 

Training for a marathon is time consuming and mentally exhausting. Honestly, there were days I wanted to give up and throw in the towel and there were moments on the marathon route that I wanted to give in. I remember hitting mile 24 and wanting to quit. Feeling like crying but it not being possible because I had no tears coming out and wanting to pull myself off the course, but I reminded myself that I didn't come all the way from Calgary just to quit on course.

Now that I have completed my first marathon there isn't any turning back for me, I am hooked!! 

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