Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 6 - 30 Day Run Challenge

To you, what’s the hardest thing about running?
The first 2-3 miles!! When I start running those first few miles are so hard, my legs hurt and my body hurts, sometimes I can hear my body scream "JUST STOP NOW!". Honestly, I can pretty much find any excuse in the book to stop in those first few miles!! However, once I get through them I am good to go and love it!!

They say you learn to love running when you forget you are running. When I first started running my lungs burned so much it was hard for me to forget, but now I love lacing up the shoes and going!! I often forget I am running and I just enjoy it.
I also find injury sucks about running. I have never been majorly injured. I got planters fasciitis in May 2012 and recently I injured my knee back in November. When I feel a pain that I know isn't normal I usually go see my physio. I am so nervous about getting a bad injury. Cory usually takes me off running for about a week and does all this physio stuff and heals me up. That week can feel like an eternity because running really keeps me balanced and happy but I always say Cory knows best!!

I also find listening to my body when running is hard, maybe because I don't hear my body but more like I don't want to listen!! Before I got planters fasciitis and my knee injury I felt something wrong leading up to those points, but I brushed them off as nothing, even though deep down I knew they were something. As an athlete you really need to listen to your body and know when it wants you to stop. 

There is this old man, he is about 70 and he often runs the same trails as I do, one day I stopped and talked to him and I asked him how he is still running and he said he always listens to his body, he takes a rest day if needed, he doesn't push himself past his limits and he loves it. I think listen is key, your body will tell you when something is wrong. I am learning to listen more because I want to still be running when I am 70!!

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