Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Running - The Upside

The winter is among us, and for those of us who live North of the 49th parallel know that it can get very cold up here. Well as I embark on my journey to qualify for Boston I have to run through the cold Canadian winter. Lucky for me I live in Alberta and we get the chinook that warms the place right up and brings spring like conditions, however here are some positives of training for a marathon in the winter. 
Clothes that Hide Your My Body: Winter running means winter clothing and that winter clothing covers me in all the right places, pretty much my entire body and I kind of like that since I am not as fit as I want to be right now.

It’s Dark Out: Not really a positive, but I get to wear the really cool Nike Element gear that Nike Running sent me.
You are Pretty Much Alone on the Trails: Running for me is a time when I get to be by myself and I can listen to my own thoughts and get lost in myself. I like being alone sometime and running gives me this option, it is literally just myself and the pavement. I turn on the iPod and let my legs and heart carry me. Sometimes I turn off the iPod and motive myself. Really nobody else is in the running trails this time of year so I don't have to run into friend and politely say hi, when all I really want to do is run.
Snow Is Soft: I like running on the soft snow because I suffered from planters fascistic (believe me I don't want this to come back) and a cushion of snow on the ground is a good thing – the cushion is going to feel a lot less punishing than running on the bare concrete or pavement you’d be running on if you started running in the summer. Also it will save your knees. In the summer I try running on the grass as much as possible but in the winter that snow is nice for the body.
It is Beautiful: Honestly, once you get over the face that it is cold outside the beauty of running in the winter is nice. There is nothing better than a new snowfall and running through the falling snow, it is peaceful and serene. 

Those are my upsides to winter running. Can you think of others? Leave me a comment and, please, get out there and enjoy the winter season!! You won't regret it and will maybe make the winter a little more bearable. 

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