Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 18 - 30 Day Challenge

Have you ever followed any sort of training plan? Which ones and how did you like them?

I personally think if you are preparing for a marathon or a half marathon you should follow a training plan especially if it is your first one.

My first marathon I used a plan designed by Marie Purvis. It was amazing!! It incorporated NTC, running and yoga and yes also rest days. I believe that all three aspects plus rest days are very crucial in training for a marathon.

Nike Training Club helps me stay strong. My biggest fear is going from being fat to being skinny fat. Incorporating weight training into your plan really helps your body not get skinny fat and helps you build muscle. I love Nike Training Club and used it long before I started training for a marathon. It incorporates a full body workout using all of your muscles. I really enjoy using it because it has various workouts in various time increments of 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes. It allows me to turn on my music and not have to think about what I am going to do next because it calls it out to me. It also has directional video if you are not sure about how to do an exercise. You really should try NTC if you haven’t already.

Yoga is so important for a runner and I didn't realize the importance until I started doing it on a regular basis. I love Bikram yoga mainly because it is 90 minute of pure stretching in different poses. I am not going to lie Bikram is tough especially if you don’t like heat or repetition but the workout is amazing. You are in a 32 degree C room and you do the same 26 poses each class. For me I enjoy repetition because I can see improvement or know where I need to work on. Any type of yoga is great for a runner because it allows you to get deep into stretch and hold your pose. I recommend yoga for any runner or for people in their daily life. If you can't get to a class or if you can't afford one youtube has lots of yoga video's and if you downloaded the NTC app you can also get Leah Kim's yoga workouts. I have incorporated some of Leah's workouts into my own training and they are amazing!! Another reason to get the NTC app so you can workout with Leah.

Running – when training for a marathon running is important. Different type of running is also important not just running. For me my focus is Boston so I need to focus on speedtempo runs and track workouts. I also need to focus on distance because 26.2 miles is 26.2 miles you can’t shorten the distance.

I am currently using a plan that is speed and distance focused. That incorporates NTC, yoga and Kinect into it. I added the Kinect workouts. I have also given myself rest days and swim days. 

I am a swimmer by nature and want to desperately get back into the pool. I have added a few swim days into my schedule to mix it up and help with my on land breathing while running.

Rest days, they don't seem important but believe me they are. Your body needs the break it needs the time to just rest and not be pushed. I believe in active rest days but when my mileage gets high I sometimes like renting a good movie or finding a good TV series on Netflix the day after a long run and doing NOTHING!! Your body will reward you for the rest

What do you add into your training to help you push the limit?

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