Monday, June 4, 2012

Always up for a Challenge

I love a good challenge. Always have. I think I always will. When last month K decided that we were going to do 1200 Nike Training Club minutes at 100 Nike+ minutes I was jumping for joy. I was knew this would really put me to the test. In past months I would rock the NTC, or the Nike+ but never both at the same time, one would always fall to the wayside I would get lazy about one and super excited about the other. With my #SisterInNike encouraging me how could I not join.

I got off to a great start with the running. By the 10th of May I was at the 40 miles. I was thinking to myself I got this and I'll be over the 100 mile mark before the end of the month. My Nike Training Club wasn't doing so great so I knew it was time to step it up. 

Trouble hit me on the 13th of May. I was registered to do the Mother's Day 10km run and was so excited about it. I ran a good race, I didn't pass out on course, because I did that last year and I did a PB for myself. I was so proud and ready to celebrate with some NTC when I got home, but little did I know the whole not properly stretching out after a run was finally catching up with me :( I got home took off my shoe and I couldn't put my foot on the floor without feeling pain around the middle of my foot. *Note at this point I had already been approached by Nike Women to run the Nike Women's Marathon with them.* I got a little bit upset but thought to myself "you probably pushed a little too hard and this is just minor end of race pain." When I got up the next morning and I still couldn't put pressure on it I knew something was wrong. I called a chiro and made an ASAP appointment. I went in and he told me I had planters fascists. He told me NO RUNNING FOR 1 WEEK. This was going to put a huge hole in my plan to run 100 miles. 

I spent a whole week doing Nike Training Club and when I went back to the chiro the next week he told me i can run but not far distances. 

When the 31st of May rolled around I was at 1245 for Nike Training Club minutes but was only at 80.12 miles for Nike+ I had failed the challenge but only by a few miles. 

This month there is a new challenge it is Nike Training Club June Abs, the purpose is to do 1 ab workout a day for the month of June. If you would like to join feel free, tag your Nike Training Club workout with #ntcJuneabs and if you need encouragement let me know. I am always there to lend encouragement. 


  1. You killed it in May, even with an injury. I was still super impressed. I'm excited to do the #ntcJuneabs challenge with you!

  2. wow! way to go re: May 2 will kill the NWM2012 for sure

    Nice blog - I'll be peepin' on this as well now :)