Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nike Lunar Montreal, My Shoe of Choice

One questions I get often is, "What is your favorite shoe to run in?". 

First off, I ONLY run in Nike shoes. I started running in the Lunarglides and loved them, they were comfortable and looked stylish too. I recently discovered the Lunar Montreal. The Lunar Montreal is a super-lightweight construction and a ground-hugging profile. These shoes are build for speed, I mean obviously you have to build up for that speed, but when I wear this sometimes I forget I am wearing a shoe. What really attracted me to these was the look, they are stylish and cute. Despite the fact that I am running I still want to look nice and Nike has done this for me!!

I would recommend these shoes to anyone, but remember not every shoe is built for every person, and don't forget to change out your shoe's frequenlty, the only have some many miles in them.

What is your favorite shoe to run in?

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