Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rest Days Are Good

I have trouble with slowing down. I like to go, go, go. My head and heart have a lot of determination and sometimes like to tune my body out. I am trying to teach myself that taking a day to rest isn't a bad thing, but it is actually beneficial for my body.

When I was a swimmer I learned the hard way that listening to your body is crucial and important.

Sometimes I hate to admit that I can't always push the limits because yes my body does have limits, but I think part of becoming a great athlete is knowing when your body needs to take a day and rest so you can go hard and not just for the moment but for a very long time.

Today I am putting my feet up. I am going to get my #NTCJuneabs in but other than that I will be giving my body some R&R maybe seeing a movie with my boyfriend. Tomorrow I will be back at it really hard. My #SistersInNike and I are heading out for a virtual 7 mile run. I am going to push for 13.

If you are having a rest day today I hope you are enjoying it. Remember it's a rest day so enjoy it.

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  1. Rest days are great, I have a hard time taking them too, but they are worth it. Have fun today!