Thursday, June 14, 2012

Week in Review

I know it is only Thursday and the week isn't over yet because I still have a 3 mile run tomorrow and a 6 mile run on Saturday but I honestly feel exhausted today. I feel like I've already ran a marathon this week.

My week started off with getting my official Nike Women's Marathon Training schedule. Talk about over joy. I had already ran my 4 miles that day on my lunch hour so I was estatic about that, not to mention I ran it in 30:33 with a time of 7'48"/mile. Yeah that was a great time for me. It means I am getting faster =) that is huge for me.

Tuesday, was TRX day in the am. I am LOVING TRX big time. I have some pretty awesome intructors and they are really helping me perfect my form. I am crediting TRX for me getting faster we have been doing a lot of leg work and I am getting some mean muscle in my legs. Tuesday on my lunch I did some Nike Training Club, I did the ADRENALINE HIT and it worked me good! Plank walks are so great for your body, I always dread them but when I am done I have this great sense of accomplishment. After TRX and Nike Training Club I didn't have much left in me.

Wednesday morning brought me a 5 mile run as you know from my last post instead of just doing a 5 mile J and I did hill sprints before this. My legs were so tired!!! Afterwards I wanted to fall into a heap and sleep for the next few days lol. Instead I got myself together went to work and on my lunch hour punched out more Nike Training Club. I did Squat Party, it is in the Get Strong section. I normally shy away from get strong because I have pretty strong arms and legs but my core needs work so I do ones that have lots of core work in it, but I really enjoyed squat party, even after hill sprints and a 5 mile run. After that I did my #NTCJuneabs the Laura Enever Fierce workout, I love the plank on medicine ball it's great for balance and core work, I finished off with Hope Solo Unbeatable workout. After this workout I realized I broke the 8,000 minute mark and now I am pushing to get 10,000 minutes before July 1st because that is when I go into hardcore marathon training, but this means I need to do 121.87 minutes a day. I might not hit 10,000 but I'll be pretty close to it!! The closer the better =)

Today being Thursday brought another TRX morning. Waking up this morning at 4:50am was so difficult, it took M pretty much dragging me out of bed. I was exhausted and I could have done with an extra hour of sleep. Once I got to the gym I was feeling more awake. We did a lot of planks and moutain climbers. We also did walking squat hold. You got into a squat and you walked while holding the squat, at the end of the minute my legs were burning. I am starting to see muscle tone in my back I think this is from all the rows. This is making me very happy. I am going to do more Nike Training Club at lunch, but probably just a 45 minute workout and maybe abs. Pending on how much time I have for lunch.

Tomorrow I have a 3 mile tempo run at lunch. It is likely going to end up being 4 miles becasue of the route I talk, it's around an island at the park and there is no way I can cut it short without swimming through the water lol, swimming in that water right now does not sound pleasent. Saturday I have a 6 mile run at the lake. I am really excited for that one. I'll also do Nike Training Club after my run because Sunday is a rest day =) I am looking forward to it.

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