Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Be a Hill Seeker

When I first joined Trican about a year ago I decied to start a company running club. We would meet twice a week once in the am and once at lunch and run together. This helped hold me accountable to get out and run and also helped me meet new people at work.

I met a great lady and we started to run more often together. Now we run almost every lunch hour together and we do one long run in the morning. This year we did our first 10km together and we came in about the same time.

This morning we met for our morning run. The weather man was saying we were going to get showers, again. I texted her last night and said "Rain in the morning do you still want to go" J texted back saying "wear your new Nike rain coat and we will be fine, see you at 6:00am". Honestly, without J this morning I would have stayed in bed and tried to get as close to 5 mile as possible at lunch. I set my alarm for 4:50 am and went to sleep.

I get to work and J is all geared up and ready to go. We head out and she says let's go to the hill do 5 hill sprints and run 5 miles. I looked at her like she was crazy but we walked over to the hill. After about my first one I think I was cursing myself for getting out of bed this morning, the second one was worst and the third one I was almost walked up the hill. On my fourth hill the hill seeker poster popped into my head. I reminded myself that hills are not the enemy but if I am going to make them seem horrid they are going to be horrid, but if I take them in stride one step at a time I will in time get better at them. I think this is a lesson for everything we do in life. Things are going to seem hard, but if we face them and think they are going to be difficult they are going to be difficult, but if we face them with a smile and take it once step at a time we will achieve our goals and that which is difficult you will get better at it. Let's face it nothing ever get's easier, that hill is not going to get any smaller you are just going to get better at hills or whatever it is in life that you find hard.

After my hills we ran 4.96 miles. I wasn't happy with my time, but my legs were exhausted the whole way. There was one point where I wanted to walk back. I literally had a huge argument in my head over walking back, my running self won that argument, score 1. When I got back even though I was sad with my time I was happy I ran hills and still continued to run 5 miles. I know I have a long way to go before the Nike Women's Marathon but I feel more prepared after this morning's run.

On the plus side the NiKe Cyclone Vapor Running Jacket is AMAZING. This was my first opportunity to wear it and I was so impressed with how lightweight it was. Coming from a girl who wears the Lunar Montreal for it's weight this is very important. If you are a runner, walked, cyclist and you do it in the rain this is the coat for you. You can bunch it up into a ball and take it with you so you have it when you need it and it's so pretty!! I didn't get wet once. It wasn't raining a whole lot a few sprinkels here and there but I also didn't feel the wind on me. That was a plus for me.

I also had the opportunity to wear my Nike Filament Women's Running Capris these are a women's dream!! They are super comfortable and flattering. They kept me feeling warm but not hot. I was at the comfortable body temp that is ideal for running. I also wore them to TRX yesterday and the ladies asked me where I got them, of course I directed them to the Nike Women site.

Nike Women you ladies are the best for providing us with all of this great gear, it has sure made marathon training a lot more fun =)


  1. These capris are AMAZING and flattering. They are wonderful for running--they don't move and the BREATHE!

  2. Great job with the hills today. Impressive!