Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lose Yourself in Things You Love

When I first started running I hated it. For one I was overweight and so running a mile was hard. I would run for about 30 seconds and walk for like 2 minutes and than try running again. 

One of my first runs was down by the Halifax waterfront. I told myself if I had a nice scenery I would run better. Well I called my friend about 5 minutes later hyperventilating and told her she needed to come get me. It was really embarrasing. I don't think I ran for about 3 weeks after that.

I got back out there and over time I would see that my 30 seconds of running turned into 5 minutes and that turned into 20 and into an hour. It took time to get my milage up. 

Now I love lacing up my shoes and heading onto the treadmill or on the trail. Myself, the music and running.

I can lose myself in a run and all of a sudden it has been 30 minutes. When I am running this is the time I can clear my head and get a better perspective on my life. Get a good look at where I want to go and how I will get there. What is your passion? What do you do that you lose yourself in? What makes you happy?


  1. You are such a motivational runner and always make me think I can go farther and faster. I lose myself in running and am very passionate about it as well! i just love this network of likeminded athletes we have built. I'm excited to see what the future holds!

  2. Me too. You girls are seriously the greatest motivation. :)