Thursday, June 7, 2012

Working 8-5, How I Stay Fit

One common question I always get from my co-workers is "Tiara, how do you stay so fit in our enviroment". I'll give you a little background on my job. I work in Oil and Gas. You go to the gas station and fill up your car, my company maybe pumped that out of the ground for you. Anything that requires oil or gas, there is a pretty good chance that my company had a hand in it. What does that mean for me. Well, we have a huge customer base and we like to keep our clients happy. That often means client lunches and we go to nice places to eat. I have a rule for myself. One lunch date a week. No more.

In my iCal I have meetings set up. Meet with this director, meet with this person, this meeting, blah blah, blah. All of the meeting request in my iCal are important and cannot be missed. I decided if I can't miss a meeting than why should a run be any different. I have 4 days in my iCal that I MUST run, no excuses, no debating, no thinking about not running. I go out and do it. I have one day that is optional, say I am tired, I am not feeling up to it, I get asked for lunch this day I can say no I am not running today. To be honest, most times I do a Nike Training Club on this day too. I make my workouts just as important in my day as any other meeting. This really helps me stay on track and not say yes to all of these lunches that would make me gain weight and pull me further from my goals.

I also found a running partner. We will call her J. She is incredible. She holds me accountable and we do our lunch time run's together. It helps having someone run with me becasue I know that I am letting someone else down if I don't want to run that day. We also push each other to run harder and to beat our goals.

I am not going to lie to you, there are days when I have to push myself to lace up my shoes and go. This week J is out of the office and I am running alone. Today I did not feel like running. I wanted to stay in and use my lunch time to sleep, as funny as it sounds. I called myself on it, told myself to suck it up and get out there. Guess what!?!?!? I had my BEST run EVER!!!

I recently found this quote by Nike. It sums me up in a nut shell. This is how I go about my working life. There are times I have been talked into going out for lunch, especially during the Calgary Stampede (if you haven't heard of it look it up, type Calgary Stampede into Google) and sure I have had fun, but I always regret not getting that run in. I have posted this over my desk and when people ask me to come for lunch I point to this and tell them I am heading out for a run.

I have also realized that I am not an after work type of girl. When 5:00 rolls around I want nothing more than to go home, eat supper and cuddle up to my boyfriend. I started going to bed at 8:00pm, I know you can say it, I am an old lady. I get up between 4:30am and 5:00am. I am at the gym no later than 5:30 get my workout on. This varies between Nike Training Club and TRX. I sacrifice after work cocktails, but I think my pay off is better.

How do you stay active while working?

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